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Sports Bar & Lounge

The GOLFZON platform offers a great opportunity for entrepreneurs looking start a dynamic business catering to passionate players and non-golfers. Over the last several years, we have helped many business owners introduce the popular golf lounge and bar concepts to communities across many countries. The result has been a smashing success in launching a new era of golf played in a fun, entertaining and welcoming environment that has attracted patrons from all age demographics. Contact us for details on startup costs, case studies, and process on starting your GOLFZON powered business.

Sports Bar & Lounge – GOLFZON Recommended Solution

  • GOLFZON DRIVING RANGE Standard golf simulator installed

    VISION Premium

    1-6 GOLFZON VISION Premium Hardware systems depending on desired retail space
    Each VPH system provides the following GOLFZON technologies:
    Accurate ball tracking sensors
    Moving swing plate that matches golf course undulations
    Auto ball feeding system with auto popup tee
    Three different hitting mats: Fairway, Bunker, Rough mat
  • screen shot of golfzon's vision software


    190+ globally recognized golf courses
    20 golf courses captured in High-Definition
    GOLFZON Tournament System
  • screen shot of golfzon's GOLFZON DRIVING RANGE software


    We have gamified the GOLFZON experience with fun arcade-like games:
    Darts Golf
    Blocks Golf
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    Create a Thriving Business with GOLFZON

    A GOLFZON powered sports bar and lounge is the perfect food and beverage with interactive gaming experience consumers are looking for in every market.

  • A man is trying to make a golf swing.

    More Ways to Have Fun—More Revenue Opportunities

    The versatile GOLFZON platform supports all-day revenue generating opportunities. Morning hours can be dedicated to providing group or individual lessons, afternoon and evening hours can include hosting fun business meetings, enjoy a competitive round with friends.

  • A man is trying to make a golf swing inside.

    Take the Game Inside, Regardless of the Weather Outside

    Unlike traditional golf businesses, the GOLFZON Sports Bar and Lounge is not affected by weather conditions (barring natural catastrophes). As a GOLFZON proprietor, you will be offering the best indoor golf experience that is always open for business.

GOLFZON Sports Bar & Lounge Case Study

Mulligan’s Swing and Drinks, Monterey, Mexico

“Mulligan’s Swing & Drinks concept is one of the most ambitious in Mexico. Our vision is to mix golf, technology, gastronomy, and cocktails in an incomparable inclusive atmosphere open to the public. Mulligan’s Swing and Drinks welcomes all those who want to know and experience golf in a new fun way. We feel like we’re growing the game by introducing those who do not have access to golf. Our business is experience growth beyond our expectations." — Jose Vargas, Owner

Grand Open Date

November 4th 2016

Operation Hours

Mon-Thurs 7AM - 1AM / Weekend 10AM - 2AM

Number of Simulators

5 systems of GOLFZON VISION Golf simulators (Equipped ARCADE software in 2 systems)


66269 San Pedro Garza García Ave. Lázaro Cárdenas 2400


+52 81 2317 4913

There are few more elements for the place to be hottest, Jose mentioned
Support by PR Agency, organizing events. Social media & magazines, League and tournament coordinators and organizers, Food and beverage promotions.