Golf Swing Analysis

A wide variety of customizable options that best suit your golf game.

GDR software screen with golf course field
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Multidimensional Game Improvement System

GDR is so much more than a launch monitor; it is a comprehensive analysis system providing players with an entirely powerful golf training experience.

  • GDR software screen with a golfball fell near to the target area
  • GDR software screen with a golfball fell near to the hole
  • Analysis system screen of GDR software
  • GDR software screen with distance marked on the ground

Driving Center Mode

Use every club in the bag to fine-tune your swing, ball-striking, ball flight and distance. Use "Pendulum mode" if you’re beginner. Try “Swing Tempo" mode to improve consistency. “Fitting" mode provides club-specific shot data.

Field Practice Mode

Six courses are available for use in this mode, allowing you to practice shots that mimic actual on-course situations. You can hit tee shots, iron shots, pitches, chips and putts.

Challenge Mode

This mode is divided into tee shots, pitch shots and chips. Earn the necessary points within five practice sessions, and you might be elevated to the upper level. You can also check to see how you rank in real time against other GOLFZON users around the world.

GOLFZON GDR Software Tutorial Video

Additional Software Enhances GDR Experience


Everyone from avid golfers to people who have never hit a shot can play and enjoy GOLFZON ARCADE.


GOLFZON VISION software includes more than 190 golf courses from around the world, with high-definition and realistic 3D graphics.