• GDR StandardRevolutionary Golf Training Technology Platform

    GDR Standard systems installed in the leisure room at the office
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Chosen by the Korean National Golf Team, GOLFZON Driving Range(GDR)

Provides the most accurate data for every shot by using an ultra high-speed, dual-camera sensor system.

Korean national golfer playing golf with GDR golf simulator

Korean National Golfer

Using GDR at the Taereung Korea National Training Center

Your Own Practice Range Powered by Precise Analysis

GOLFZON makes practice fun. We also make our practice sessions smart by providing you with critical swing data that analysis distance, trajectory and club specific ball flight characteristics. The data you receive from the GDR system is useful and intuitive giving you important insights to help take your game to the next level!

  • Ultra High-Speed
    Dual-Camera Sensor

  • Accurate Shot Data

  • Practice All Types
    of Shots

  • Swing Replay and
    Mobile Upload

High-precision Sensing Technology

GDR's ultra high-speed, dual-camera sensor tracks :

  • Ball Speed

  • Spin Rate

  • Launch Angle

  • Carry & Total Distance

The GDR ultra high-speed, dual-camera sensor records at 2,000 frames per second and extracts shot data without the need for any additional hardware.

  • capability of


    frames per second
  • up to


    ball capture speed

Multiple Practice Options

GDR's three practice modes are Driving Center, On-course Practice and Challenge

  • GDR's practice mode screen on driving center

    Driving Center Mode

  • GDR's practice mode screen on challenge mode

    Challenge Mode

  •  GDR's practice mode screen on field practice mode

    Field Practice Mode

  • GDR kiost with touch monitor screen

    Swing Replay

    Your swing replays include complete data analysis for each shot. All of it is displayed on the high-resolution touch screen.

  • Mobile, PC and laptop screens

    Web and Mobile

    GOLFZON members are able to forward all of the swing replay and practice data to the website or mobile app and share with friends.

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